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Dr Nuria Querol i Vinas spoke at the PAES conference on the subject of Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence and often it can also be linked with psychological problems too – abusers will maltreat those weaker than themselves. Abusers may use animals as a lever in situations where a woman (and children) have escaped him (it’s usually a man in Spain) and they are threatened – if you don’t return, I will kill your dog/cat.

The US is leading the way in building refuges where women can safely take their children AND their dog/cat when escaping domestic violence. Dr iVinas has visited some of these shelters and is working towards the creation of some in Spain.

NB It is common knowledge that many hunters will abuse their wives as well as their dogs.

BIO on Dr Nuria Querol i Vinas

Dr. Núria Querol Viñas is a Cell & Genetics Biologist and a Medical Doctor specialized in Family Medicine, Primary Care Pediatrics and Family Violence, working at the Catalan Institute of Health in Martorell (Barcelona). She has also followed training in criminology and criminal profiling (including training with the FBI, The New Scotland Yard and the NSA) with special interest in animal abuse, psychopathy and interpersonal violence.

She took part in the first research projects in Spain (2003) in animal abuse and psychopathy and animal abuse and family violence led by fellow expert in psychopathy Dr Cuquerella and world renowned expert Dr Frank Ascione. She is the representative of the Council of Medical Associations at the National Comission Against Gender Violence of the Catalonian Government and the Municipal Comission of Martorell.

She is a representative of the National Link Coalition, the Director of GEVHA, The Observatory of Violence Against Animals and the IberoAmerican Link Coalition. She serves as Advisory Board Member at the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse of the National Sheriff’s Association and in the Board of Directors of NCOVAA (The National Coalition On Violence Against Animals, USA) as well as the FBI- UCR/NBRIS Animal Abuse Working Group.

She is a member of the American Society of Criminology, Div. Critical Criminology and serves at the board of directors of the Global Forensic Alliance and The International Academy of Forensic Investigators (Academia Internacional de Investigadores Forenses). Dr. Querol is an honorary member of the Fundación Altarriba and APDA, Policías por los Animales.

Dr. Querol is also an associate professor at Autonomous University of Barcelona (she teaches The Link at the Antrozoology Diploma at the Medical School) and University of Barcelona (she teaches at the Master on Criminal Investigation at Law School).
She has been interview as a matter expert for the upcoming documentary filmed in the US on the link “THE DEADLY LINK”

“In a violent family, anyone can be a victim, including the family dog or cat. Violent acts are not separate or distinct – they develop in similar patterns and have similar characteristics.”

The Deadly Link

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The Deadly Link

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