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Spain Link Group Presents at Conferences, Launches VioPet Campaign

Dr. Núria Querol of our Link affiliate in Spain, Observatorio de Violencia Hacia los Animales (formerly GEVHA), was invited to open the AMVAC Congress on Animal Protection organized by FAPAM and the Association of Companion Animal Veterinarians of Madrid. This year’s Congress was focused on law enforcement’s key role in fighting animal abuse and interpersonal violence. She spoke about the scientific background of The Link, the work of the National Link Coalition, the National Coalition on Violence Against Animals, the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse, the FBI’s inclusion of animal cruelty data in national crime reporting systems, and Animal CSI. She also addressed this topic at the Spanish Society of Criminology’s 1st Congress on Animal Protection. Other speakers addressed the role of veterinarians in animal abuse and interpersonal violence. The Observatorio has also started a new campaign called VioPet with the theme, “No victim should choose between her safety or her animal’s”. The group has appealed to the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Ministry of the Interior to ask for VioPet to be implemented nationally. Your can add your name here:

Press: Respeto animal: Labor policial frente al maltrato animal

LINK-Letter June 2016

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