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Our Spanish Link affiliate, GEVHA (Grupo para el Estudio de la Violencia hacia Humanos y Animales) had an extremely active October and November. GEVHA founder Dr. Núria Querol reports that she and other GEVHA members participated and presented at five different conferences and that she is busily giving presentations about a book.
Querol spoke about The Link at the 1st National Animal Welfare Conference organized by PAES (Protección Animales España). This historic conference brought three associations together with a goal of building closer cooperation over animal welfare issues. The II Seminar on Criminology, organized by the Spanish Society of Criminology (Sociedad Española de Criminología), included The Link in a special panel on Green Criminology where the linkages of crimes against nature and animals were explained.
The I International Congress of Profiling & Criminal Analysis in Violent Crimes gathered important speakers in criminology including a former FBI agent. Querol gave a plenary conference on animal CSI and risk assessment in animal crimes.

The Police School of Catalonia organized a second training on The Link for police candidates. David Carrasco, Police Officer from Mossos d’Esquadra, spoke about SAF-T (Sheltering Animals and Families Together) and its Spanish chapter, the Freedom Paws Link Project. Querol spoke about indicators of intimate partner violence and risk assessment, giving special emphasis to animal abuse.
The Conference on Bullfighting in the XXIst Century, organized by Plataforma La Tortura no Es Cultura, invited Querol to speak about the effects of exposure to violence in society and the UN’s recommendations to keep children away from bullfighting.
Querol also tells The LINK-Letter that she is collaborating on the presentation of a book “Beatriz y la Loba” (Beatriz and the Wolf) by Concha López Llamas. This is an ecofeminist novel that connects family violence to animal abuse and the cruel treatment that wolves suffer worldwide. The presentations are being done all over Spain and have the support of rangers, wolf and domestic violence experts.

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Three of the many GEVHA presentations in October and November included (from left) the Spanish Society on Criminology, the Police School of Catalonia, and the Conference on Bullfighting in the 21st Century.

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