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El documental The Deadly Link, explora con algunos de los mayores expertos internacionales, el maltrato a animales y la violencia interpersonal. Éstos son algunos de los participantes:

  •  Phil Arkow, Coordinator of the National Link Coalition
  • Diane Balkin: Contract Attorney with the Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Ann Beyke: Pet loss and bereavement counselor who has counseled survivors of domestic violence.
  • Dianne Combs Daniels: Social Worker, Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Amber McDonald: Founder of The Kindness Collective
  • Patricia Norris, DVM: Sheriff’s Veterinarian for the Dona Ana County (New Mexico) Sheriff’s Department
  • Núria Querol Viñas, MD: Director of the Group for the Study of Violence Against Humans and Animals, and the Program for Victims of Domestic Violence and their Companion Animals, Spain
  • Tamara H. Ward, LBSW: Developed Project Second Chance, a program that teams incarcerated youth with shelter dogs


  • Nina Knapp: Writer/Director/Executive Producer

  • Angie Beauchamp: Executive Producer

  • Sheryl Brown: Producer

  • Ty Beh and Tammy Fiebelkorn: Assistant Producers

  • Nicholas Ward: Line Producer

  • Jeffrey Mettling: Composer/Sound Design

  • Fritz Eberle: Director of Photography

  • Dane Benko, Nathan Bancroft and Sarah Northrup: Camera Operators

  • Robert Russell and Sarah Leamy: Camera Assists

  • Alex Raguini: Sound

  • Manny Luera and Paul Lucero: Grips

  • Marge Maio: Set Photographer

  • Pamela Pierce, Terry Hicks and Julia Macry: Production Assistants

  • Brad Stoddard: Editor​

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